Bytes ‘n pieces

Anton says TechLudd is going ahead on Thursday 24 January in Dublin and registration is now open. "… so if you’re interested in start-ups ad what they do, and chatting about what you do, come along and have a cool evening with cool people." I’ll wait for the next one, in Limerick.

Reviews aggregator LouderVoice is running a Hairy Baby competition. Kinda.

An interesting bunch of keynote speakers have been lined up for Blogtalk Cork 2008 but I’m not sure I can justify the cost. Maybe I’ve just been spoiled by (free) Barcamps. Speaking of which, the next BarCamp (in Ireland) has been themed CreativeCamp. I wonder if we should follow up with MobileCamp and GreenCamp?

Congratulations to Emer Jones, winner of the BT Young Scientist of the Year in Dublin yesterday.

Robin Blandford laments
the lack of emotive tactility in the sharing of digital bits.


2 Responses to “Bytes ‘n pieces”

  1. John Breslin Says:

    Pah! I thought Scrooge was dead!
    It’s €120-180, which covers lunches, coffees, conference dinner, welcoming reception and a t-shirt…

  2. James Corbett Says:

    Scrooge is never dead when you’re self-employed John!

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