How to share what you graze

Paul Walsh thinks “some people make up jargon in order to put their stake in the ground. In fact, it winds me up when it ends up confusing those who aren’t in the same circle.” It appears he’s not even fond of applying the word ‘subscribe’ to RSS feeds! Yikes, I dare not tell him that the terms ‘feed grazing‘ and ‘OPML grazing‘ are catching on. Truth be told I coined ‘grazing’ only out of frustration that it was fundamentally different to ‘subscribing’ so maybe Paul will forgive me 😉

This past week Gabe Rivera wrote about using Grazr with his Techmeme Leaderboard OPML file – “Last fall, Ross Mayfield embedded a grazing widget powered by Grazr in this post which similarly uses the Techmeme Leaderboard’s OPML as a starting point. You can customize your own Grazr Leaderboard widget starting at this page. They also offer iPhone-optimized grazing. Several RSS aggregators have similar capabilities built-in.”

Adam likes it so much that he built a custom widget for it –

But that’s not all the team have been doing. We’ve also added automatic subscription in major feed readers, which means you can quickly add any feed you find in a Grazr page or widget to your own online feed reader (Bloglines, Google Reader, myAOL, My Yahoo!, Netvibes, NewsGator, Pageflakes). As Adam says, this feature turns the Grazr widget into a great vehicle for promoting feeds on your own site. By posting a widget on your pages, you can make it easy for visitors to preview a feed’s content, and then subscribe to it with a single click.

And that’s not all, we’ve also added the capabilities to post Reading Lists to major blog tools and to post directly to Twitter.


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