Bytes ‘n Pieces

Anton Mannering, organizer of TechLudd, suggests forging connections with the Israeli Web tour who are following in the footsteps of PaddysValley“Building links with these guys might not be too difficult,… extending the hand of friendship would cost little and could achieve much”.

Did you know that the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) in Galway is the largest Semantic Web research group in the world? If not, you might be interested in finding out what they do there in this interview where John Breslin talks with about SIOC, the Semantically Interlinked Online Communities project.

Niall Larkin reworks the Emperor’s New Clothes to explain what’s wrong with Facebook. And Niall should know, his startup is developing solutions to social network privacy issues.

Alan O’Rourke says Toddle (simple email newsletters) is making money in its 6th week of launch. Sorry Alan, then it just can’t be a Web 2.0 app! 😉

Margaret Durand asked some bloggers if we could put out a LAST CALL for applicants to the Female Entrepreneurship in Ireland and Wales (FEIW) project. “Its a new year and many women will be looking at their business wondering how to take it to the next level in 2008. With our intensive tailored 6 month programme women in business in the South East can achieve their growth goals! There are VERY limited places left so if anyone is interested they should contact us URGENTLY at or visit the website


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