Map of Irish wifi hotspots (you can help)

Our collaborative map of Irish wifi hotspots is starting to look busy and you can help maintain/update it simply by logging in to your gmail account to edit it.,-7.846131&spn=1.636029,3.485058&om=0&iwloc=000439a76f120f541c6b6&output=embed&s=AARTsJqnrRGtsUNGxkeANtNT_NTCTkRvjw
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14 Responses to “Map of Irish wifi hotspots (you can help)”

  1. Fred Zelders Says:

    Nice initiative James!
    I started a Grazr where all the wifi hotspot maps can come together:

  2. James Corbett Says:

    That’s excellent, thanks Fred. I’ve copied your grazr to my account 馃檪

  3. P贸l贸 Says:

    Great idea. Hope to avail of it in my travels.
    Don’t forget the public libraries. There are probably too many to show, but they are providing a great wifi service.
    I’m not sure if there is full national penetration yet but it is certainly in most if not all of the Dublin libraries.

  4. James Corbett Says:

    Thanks P贸l贸, I’m going to check out my own public library next week to see if they have a hotspot.

  5. Cronan Says:

    Are these hotspots on this map free or do they have to be paid for to access them?

  6. James Corbett Says:

    A large number of the hotspots are free Cronan. As for FON and BT Openzone hotspots that depends on your subscriptions levels

  7. Will King Says:

    James just thought I’d mention that Google Maps now has a search option to allow search for “user created content”. If you search for Irish wifi then this map comes top of the list.
    It’ll be interesting to find out a bit more about the search method as I’d expect alot of geo-spam now. User created kml showing locations of viagra and “enlargers” will be commonplace I predict.

  8. James Corbett Says:

    Hmm, I’m not seeing that Will. Are you searching under or When I search under the .com address for “irish wifi”, what I get is a list of American results starting with McMullan’s Irish Pub. So then I click on the new ‘Community maps for Irish wifi’ option above the list which allows me to perform the search again while restricting the results to user-generated content. But when I do that my results don’t seem to have changed much and I don’t see our community map among them. Am I doing something wrong?

  9. Reena Says:

    Nice job!

  10. BrianClarkeNUJ Says:

    I need a map alright, as I am really lost on this one, or maybe I should enter eejit of the year competition ?.
    wifi hotspots ??

  11. BrianClarkeNUJ Says:

    I need a map alright, as I am really lost on this one, or maybe I should enter eejit of the year competition ?.
    wifi hotspots ??

  12. Parkeren Schiphol Says:

    Like the comment made by Will, you now see a increase in UGC on Google Maps. Can’t believe what is already on there. Good initiative.

  13. parkeren schiphol Says:

    Nice initiative James!

  14. parkeren schiphol Says:

    good to know!

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