Hanging out in a virtual art gallery

Keith and Damien have mentioned that Cork based journalist and entrepreneur Haydn Shaughnessy is launching his virtual art gallery Ten Cubed in Second Life today (and tomorrow depending on your time zone). Why a virtual gallery? Because

“Media-art is beginning to find an audience in Ireland but its real audience is urban anywhere. I can connect to some of that audience through a website . But what I can’t do through a website is join people in appreciating the art not when they could be anywhere from New York to Naples. Nor could many of the audience really appreciate the artwork they’d simply be viewing a 2D image. Nor can I easily introduce the artists to people who might love their work. With Ten Cubed I can do these things.”

Depo Consulting is the name of the company who developed Haydn’s virtual gallery and he liked their work so much that he bought joined the company as head of new media and social media. Congratulations Haydn and best of luck with today’s launch – I’ll be there!

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One Response to “Hanging out in a virtual art gallery”

  1. Chris Byrne Says:

    Looks great. Here is another 3D art site http://www.ventrybeach.com/3D.html

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