Certifying local broadband in Ireland?

Bernie Goldbach ran a speedtest on his home broadband recently and determined that the results qualified him for a 1C rating. He gets 1631 kb/s download and 204 kb/s upload.

My own results here in the wilds of west Limerick were little better –

That’s for the eircom Broadband home plus package which, as Damien Mulley reports, I can expect to get a speed boost to 3Mb/s download 384 kb/s uploads in June. Or more likely something far short of that considering my distance from the exchange.

Bernie thinks, "people need to have their homes certified for broadband capability and some sort of awards standard should be championed by the government. The Department of the Environment is already rolling out energy certification for homes so people will be looking for ways to document efficiencies in operations. Broadband, like electricity, is a utility. It deserves some universally accepted standard of measurement."


2 Responses to “Certifying local broadband in Ireland?”

  1. Paul Walsh Says:

    Irish Broadband is probably the worst I’ve ever come across. It took for us to perform hardcore tests and provide them with data that surprised them, before they listened to us.
    In fact, we were overpaying for a connection speed that was below their current min tariff and we weren’t even getting that speed. Does it get worse than that?
    Luckily Aido and I have quite a lot of experience in this stuff, dating back to 2400bps days.

  2. James Corbett Says:

    Jeez, Irish Broadband sound the pits. Have to say I’ve been very happy with my eircom broadband overall (despite the fact I’m really being ripped off)

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