Pix.ie + Piclens = photo magic

Pix.ie, is the Irish photo sharing site founded by Marcus McInnes. I’ve got a few photos on there but one reason I’ve been slow in leaving Flickr has been the lack of support for slideshows and fullscreen viewing.

Piclens is the brilliant Firefox add-on I’ve been using to ‘fly around’ an immersive 3D presentation of my Flickr photos. I asked Marcus only a few days ago if there was any way of getting Pix.ie to work with Piclens and he responded immediately to say he’d look into it again. Then yesterday he advised that he’d been speaking to Soujanya Bhumkar, CEO of Piclens who told him they were going to add full, out of the box, support. Finally, a few minutes ago when I restarted my Firefox browser it notified me of a Piclens update, and lo-and-behold full Pix.ie support has been enabled. What a quick turnaround! What excellent responsiveness to user feedback from a cool Irish startup.


4 Responses to “Pix.ie + Piclens = photo magic”

  1. Marcus Mac Innes Says:

    The PicLens team are very responsive. I emailed the company’s feedback email address on Sunday evening and within 3 minutes Soujanya rang my mobile. We chatted and agreed to “make this happen”.
    I really love the way two start-ups with common interests can cut through red tape and get things to work together!
    We are still working on “full” support and will probably have another couple of days to get it to work site wide.
    PicLens has lots of cool (undocumented) featues that we are taking advantage of and these will be released over the next few days…
    Thanks for prompting me to look at this again!

  2. Jessica Says:

    Thanks so much for posting about PicLens 1.6. We really appreciate it!
    For interested readers, below are links to two videos demos, one by our team and the other by a PicLens fan:

    Please continue to email us your questions/feedback (feedback@cooliris.com). As Marcus noted, we are ready and eager to hear from you!
    Thanks, again.
    Jessica & The Cooliris Team

  3. Marcus Mac Innes Says:

    Just to let you know, we deployed a lot more support for PicLens in the last few minutes. Knock yourself out!

  4. Jessica Roy Says:

    Yeah Marcus! Pix.ie is so user friendly and the customer support is excellent. Keep up the good work.

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