‘Bringing Silicon Valley to Ireland’ – 40% off registration here!

Gareth Coen and colleague Diane Roberts were inspired by the Enterprise Ireland bash during Paddy’s Valley to offer a similar event here in Ireland. Gareth, based in Silicon Valley, and Diane, based in Dublin, recently started a consultancy firm with the goal of helping bridge the gap between Valley and Irish tech start-ups.

So they’ve put together an event that will be on in February, 27th & 29th, in Dublin and Belfast respectively which is all about Bringing Silicon Valley to Ireland. Chris Gill, the President of the Silicon Valley Association of Start-up Entrepreneurs (SVASE) will be hosting the various panel discussions, as well as other people from the various companies and associations.

Gareth says this is the first event of it’s kind in Ireland and they hope it will help facilitate the growing number of Irish Web start-ups. Full details as well as tickets can be found at www.xCellerate2008.com

And saving the best news until last – Gareth has offered a coupon for readers of this blog to receive 40% off registration. Just use the code “web2” upon registration.


4 Responses to “‘Bringing Silicon Valley to Ireland’ – 40% off registration here!”

  1. Eoghan McCabe Says:

    You get that spam from them too?
    “I think we may have met briefly at the Paddy’s Valley event in Mountain View late last year…”

  2. Michele Says:

    They’ve spammed me three times about their stupid event already. One email might have piqued my interest. Now I’m just annoyed

  3. keith bohanna Says:

    hmmm – I don’t miss the spam – but have booked for the event. Thanks for the reminder James – had noted it a while ago but this pushed me to register 🙂

  4. Michele Says:

    I would never use a company or organisation that uses spamming for their marketing. Never. Unless it was to laugh at them face to face ……………..

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