TechLudd Limerick is gonna be great – register now!

If you haven’t already registered for TechLudd Limerick in the George Hotel this Thursday night, you should! Just look at the list of interesting people coming along – this is going to be a great night out for anyone interested in entrepreneurship.

I noticed that Joe Drumgoole of PutPlace is coming down from Dublin and interested in talking with people about ‘getting your company started’. Joe was one of the PaddysValley crew and is one of the best startup bloggers I know so don’t miss the chance to pick his brain.

We’ll have another invader up from the People’s Republic of Cork – Pat Phelan from MaxRoam. Not sure what they do but apparently Scobleizer and TechCrunch have heard of them so it might be worth buying him a drink or two 😉

Another Paddy who went to the Valley is Ger Hartnett of Limerick startup CoClarity and he’ll be at TechLudd to talk about collaboration software, VOIP, accountants and poker!! Heh, I’ve been meeting Ger for months at OpenCoffee Limerick and never realized he was a poker fan… maybe I should bring along a pack of cards!

I’ve been hearing a bit about Ubcam lately so I’m delighted to read that Paul Kinsella is coming along to talk about ‘live broadcasting the revenue generating way’. The Irish digerati have taken to QIK like moths to a flame so it’ll great to learn more about a native company in this space.

Donncha Hughes from the Enterprise Acceleration Center at LIT is coming along to talk about ‘you and your business’, their supports for entrepreneurs at the startup stage such as EnterpriseSTART and the LEAP programme.

But it won’t be all geek talk. Jessica Roy who writes Wedding on a Dime and a natural health blog will be there to give some balance (and hopefully free advice on how to tackle Irritable Bowel Syndrome 😉

But that’s not all – Conn O’Muineachain will be there reporting for Intruders.TV so it could be the perfect opportunity to get your startup on the radar. Don’t miss it.


3 Responses to “TechLudd Limerick is gonna be great – register now!”

  1. Jessica Roy Says:

    Thanks James!! Unlike most people, I have no problem with talking about poop all night! Seriously, I want people to talk to me about their health woes, if any, and maybe even schedule a consult so I can get to the route of their problem. I focus on nutrition (diet), lifestyle (stress), habits (smoking, drinking-yes drinking), and natural remedies. So ask away. I’m here to help. 😉

  2. Ger Hartnett Says:

    Thanks James! If you bring the cards I’ll bring the chips and the dealer button 😉

  3. James Corbett Says:

    Excellent Ger, I’ve got to warn you though I won in my local pub last night so I’m on a bit of a roll at the moment ;-p

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