Ireland’s first job advert for a podcaster?

Conn Ó Muíneacháin of Edgecast Media has announced that his pioneering Social Media company is now hiring for the position of Trainee Podcaster, while he wonders if it’s the first such position advertised in Ireland?

"The position involves a good deal of radio production work for traditional broadcast channels, with the added element of digital production and publishing of blogs, podcasts and other forms of internet media."

It seems like only yesterday that Conn used to take a break from his job at Dell to drop into the Clarion with Bernie and myself for Limerick ‘geek meets’  (well before we borrowed the OpenCoffee moniker). Conn used to infect us with his enthusiasm for podcasting and digital media, while in return I used to tease him about the joys of working for yourself. Next thing you know he’d packed in the job, started winning Grand Prix awards and making deals to book out his current capacity! So if you’re a recent graduate in radio production or multimedia with competence in the Irish language you’d be very foolish not to apply.


One Response to “Ireland’s first job advert for a podcaster?”

  1. Conn O Muineachain Says:

    Thanks for spreading the word James – and great to see you last night. Sorry we didn’t really get a chance to talk. It’s unfortunate that it was more of a work occasion for me as the Intruders.TV reporter. That’s one of the problems I hope to address with this appointment!

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