Thanks Anton, Jessica, Microsoft and Digital Media Forum

… for another excellent TechLudd event in Limerick last night. Attendance may not quite have hit the highs of Dublin but there was still so many interesting people around that I didn’t get the chance to talk with half of them!

A testimony to the publicity the TechLudd team have generated for these brand new get-togethers is the the number of people I met last night who’d never even heard of OpenCoffee Club!! But they have now and we can expect a few more new faces next time. That’s what it’s all about IMHO – there’s a great synergy between all these events which each seem to hit slightly different groups but with the net effect of an ever widening network.

Pat and Conn broadcast live video from the scene of the action with one particularly funny moment where they focused their cameraphones on each other, almost tearing apart the fabric of space-time.

By the way, I’ve got to say Microsoft’s continued sponsorship of these events is really impressing me, generating a lot of goodwill and making the Blue Monster ever more cuddly.

UPDATE: Anton has posted a great photo album from the night.

UPDATE 2: Anton points out that Digital Media Forum were joint sponsors of the event along with Microsoft.


2 Responses to “Thanks Anton, Jessica, Microsoft and Digital Media Forum”

  1. Conn O Muineachain Says:

    Echo that congratulations James. I met loads of people who are doing really cool stuff, yet who are outside the usual Irish tech blog echo chamber. That, in my opinion, is a successful event.

  2. Anton Mannering Says:

    Hi James, shame I didn’t get more of a chance to chat. Can I make a little note, the event was joint sponsored by Digital Media Forum and Microsoft. Credit where it’s due to them both I think.
    I would second Conn’s view. Like the first event, meeting people I hadn’t run into at events before is really exciting for me. That and people connecting and doing real business. 🙂

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