25,000 Points of Interest (in Ireland)

Dublin based MySatNav has launched myPOIs.ie – a map of POI (Point of Interest) data for Ireland. Currently the site has 15,000 POIs with a further 10,000 planned for release in the coming months. Which is just as well considering how Dublin centric much of the information (eg. Pubs and Restaurants) currently is.

"The main purpose of the site is to address the woeful lack of POIs for Ireland available on Garmin and other brands of satellite navigation systems. We have collected POI data from a variety of sources and have spent a considerable amount of time verifying the locations using the latest geocoding techniques."

A number of the databases are available to download for free (to your Garmin GPS) but for others there is an annual subscription fee. Unfortunately my Garmin Geko is not compatible – you need a Nuvi or Zumo – so I can’t evaluate further but I’m not sure I’d have much interest anyway with their current price plans –

"Our ‘Premium’ service which includes all our databases excluding the
Road Safety Camera database is available for €37.00 per annum while our
‘Premium+’ service, which includes all POI databases + Road Safety
Camera database, is available for €50.00 per annum."

have recently added basic mapping functionality to their reviews system. Knowing what a mobile tech addict their CEO Conor O’Neill is I’m sure that will be upgraded to GPS waypoint export in no time at all. Then we can look forward to value added Points of Interest for the whole of the country.

Still, if you’re hungry for POIs and have no alternative MySatNav fills the gap right now.


4 Responses to “25,000 Points of Interest (in Ireland)”

  1. Conor O'Neill Says:

    Once we finish off V2, we’ll be digging into LBS quite a bit. Have you looked at Socialight or Whrrl at all? Seriously cool stuff.

  2. James Corbett Says:

    That’s great to hear Conor! Didn’t you have a slide on your presentation at IWTC suggesting GPS might be in every phone within 18 months? That’s when I think the magic will really happen and I can see that LouderVoice is setting itself up so well to take advantage. It’s also the reason I haven’t looked into Sociallight and Whrrl, etc. I bought a Garmin Geko a few years ago but stopped using it within 6 months. Not because I lost interest in GPS but because if it’s not on my phone, the only take-everywhere with me gadget I have, then it’s not going to be used. I don’t know if Whrrl and Sociallight work off GPS or cell-positioning but in any case, I’ll get back into LBS/GPS when I can do what they do, using just my mobile and accessing services with Ireland specific information.

  3. Evert Bopp Says:

    Any plans for the Sony satnav systems….

  4. steve white Says:

    25,000 Points of Interest (in Ireland): and still nearly empty…

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