PutPlace.com shortlisted for Eircom Innovation Award

Where is your Digital Life? That’s the question PutPlace asks, and answers thus – “Whether it’s Flickr, YouTube or Blip.tv, PutPlace is software that will find, organize and publish your digital life to the Web so that you can share it with friends.”

It’s a simple idea perhaps but deceptively powerful and useful. My Digital life is increasingly scattered to the four winds of the apocalypse (to mangle a metaphor) and I’ve reached a stage where I need to find a single hub. FriendFeed.com and other social aggregators are making waves as consumption hubs but where are the publishing hubs? PutPlace is one. And that’s why I started beta testing it a few months ago.

And it does exactly as it says on the tin. Perhaps not the most exciting software in the world but then again the most useful stuff often isn’t. It just works and it just makes life easier. And the team behind PutPlace are are a really nice bunch to boot, as exemplified by the trip Darren made from Dublin to Limerick especially to sort out a weird problem my client software was having in contacting the server. Problem solved, Darren returned to Dublin without making a song and dance about it but how many startup teams do you know who’ll make 200 mile return trips to help a beta tester squish an edge-case bug?

That’s why I’m delighted to hear from founder Joe Drumgoole that Putplace have been shortlisted for the Eircom Innovation Awards, one of only ten companies. Best of luck to them, it’s richly deserved.

[Aside: winding down my Asus EeePC trial here and wishing all week that Putplace was available for this storage starved flash drive. In fact believe I think the emerging Solid-State-Drive Netbook category is a real sweetspot for Putplace to target so I’m pleased to note that a Linux version is on the way. Yet another example of Putplace’s outstanding responsiveness to their beta testers]


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