Bytes ‘n Pieces

Joe Drumgoole has secured a funding round for his startup Putplace and strengthened the board. I wrote more about a few days ago. Congratulations Joe. More on TechCrunch.

Bernie Goldbach recorded the interview with Patrick Collison, Limerick’s most famous young entrepreneur, at yesterday’s OpenCoffee Club. The website has now been launched with a placeholder page listing links to information for the various locations around the country.

– No sooner had the clocks had gone forward than OpenBBQ had been mooted for beautiful Terryglass on the shores of Lough Derg. And now it seems we’ll even have a champion BBQer to do the cooking!

Joe Garde, founder of OnlineMeetingRooms, drove all the way from Dublin to Limerick yesterday to attend OpenCoffee where it was fascinating to hear how his side project Club Equilibrium has grown to 720 members in only a few months and is now growing at 100 people per week! I’m certainly looking forward to hearing more about this at 3Dcamp.


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