Color coded merged lifestreams and ad-hoc networks

Grazr 3.0 beta was launched a few days ago and Adam explains all the new features. I’ll focus here on the highlights for me –

  • Streams. We rewrote our feed code so we could deliver streams. This is what we call Grazr’s new ability to merge and filter feeds. The home page displays 20 topic based streams that will give you a chance to see how useful these are for finding out what’s new on any subject. All together these sample streams combine almost 1,000 feeds. The free version of the site lets you create one stream at a time from one of your own reading lists with up to 50 feeds. You can also filter a stream by keyword, date or media type. When the beta test is completed, we’ll be making paid accounts available that will let you create an unlimited number of streams.
  • Person Wizard. Tracking the activities of all of your friends on social sites has also gotten easier with this addition to our editor. You can add feeds from over 50 social sites for your own online identity or that of your friends.

What these two great features allow me to do is, in less than 5 minutes, build a lifestream widget from start to finish. I was able to input my ‘eirepreneur’ username on the Person Wizard and add my, Flickr, Jaiku and Twitter feeds then merge them using the Stream function. Now you can see the ‘ticker tape’ of all my online activity merged into a single colour coded timeline (in sidebar and below).

As Adam points out this functionality facilitates the easy generation of ad-hoc networks“Social networks like Facebook or Twitter require people to explicitly join and pick their friends. An ad-hoc network can be assembled spontaneously from any group of people, and followed only when needed.”



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