Bytes ‘n Pieces

Will Knott suggests a very interesting twist on the Sat Nav business model – incremental map updates:

“The current map sales model is akin to being forced to buy a 50 year anthology every time you want to hear a single track…. You are not getting the whole map, but a single route. Similar to buying a single track and not the album.”

– Having been involved to a degree in the organizing of Paddy’s Valley I’ll be watching with interest the progress of Web Mission San Francisco. This UK based group will see 20 Web 2.0 companies travel to San Francisco to explore new opportunities for growth with key people in Silicon Valley. ‘Our own’ Web 2.0 maven Paul Walsh will of course be tagging along and is looking to make more contacts in the Valley if you can help. I’m hoping Paul can put together a list of Twitter and Jaiku IDs of those traveling so we can track their activity in real-time.

Liam Noonan has been “Throwing the planets around with a phantom omni haptic device. Amazing tactile experience. Threw earth out of orbit with a hammer throw.” We just have to get a demo of this at 3Dcamp


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