Poll: How are you voting on the Lisbon Treaty?

This Irish Business and Employers Confederation (IBEC) is urging a ‘yes’ vote on the Lisbon Treaty. While highly successful businessman Ulick McEvaddy has added his voice to the ‘no’ campaign by joining the Libertas group.

IBEC says the treaty –

  • is vital to ensure growth in the Irish economy at an increasingly challenging time.
  • protects Ireland’s interests and will encourage more foreign investment, thereby helping to create jobs.
  • will help support Irish exporters at a time when they are under pressure due to the weakness of the US dollar.

McEvaddy on the other hand has read the treaty four times and still doesn’t understand it! “We are simply being asked to vote for something here in Europe that nobody understands and that is being handed out as the Lisbon Treaty.”

I’d normally be an automatic ‘Yes’ vote for something like this but all I’ve read so far on the Lisbon Treaty has left me in an utter state of confusion. And all this talk of EU Tax harmonization ‘by the back door’ has me leaning, if anything, on the side of a no vote. How will you be voting?


11 Responses to “Poll: How are you voting on the Lisbon Treaty?”

  1. Michael Flanagan Says:

    I’m a NO until I’m convinced otherwise — and “trust us” just doesn’t cut it.
    This thing seems too big to allow through for no better reason than the say-so of big business and politicians. If it was so fantastic for the rest of us, why not spell it out nice and simple?
    Plus the fact this has been passed without vote throughout the rest of Europe has me leaning heavily towards a NO vote out of respect to the democracy of other nations.

  2. Joe O'Brien Says:

    The disinformation campaign has really done its work well this time! Tax harmonisation isn’t in the Lisbon Treaty, and nothing in there has any impact on it. That’s been pointed out by IBEC, it’s been confirmed by Barroso.
    IBEC are calling for a Yes vote partly because it will *strengthen* our hand against the French. That a couple of millionaires feel it will harm their interests doesn’t cut much ice with me.

  3. Evert Bopp Says:

    Anything that will hand more autonomy and power to the bureaucrats of the EU government should be automatically opposed.
    The EU government has turned into a “regulate for the sake of regulating” circus and has to be disbanded at the earliest opportunity.
    We are expected to vote for a “treaty” that even the politico’s that put it together can’t explain properly.

  4. James Gallagher Says:

    I can’t see this treaty as anything other than a threat on our right to self-determination. Our constitution gets eroded enough (mainly on neutrality) without handing over any more power to diminsh it. I am as proud to call myself a European citizen as an Irish citizen but I’m not going to vote Yes to this.

  5. Michele Says:

    I really should read the text of the treaty so that I can make an informed decision, but the last few treaties I tried to read were excellent cures for insomnia and didn’t make much sense.
    Voting “no” or “yes” isn’t an easy decision to make, but unless we get clear information on it I really don’t know which way to swing

  6. Chris Says:

    Because I don’t understand something shouldn’t mean an automatic no. I don’t know how or why Anadin works but I will take one if I have a headache -which I got after reading the pamphlet. I will vote Yes because I don’t trust Irish politicans. I believe that this will make them more accountable on a world stage. (shh Don’t tell them). It’s a stick they will be beaten with for years to come.

  7. Evert Bopp Says:

    A yes vote might make Irish politicians more accountable but only to a bunch of even worse bureaucrats rather than to the people they are supposed to represent.
    I agree with your sentiment but yes vote won’t accomplish what you want..

  8. barry Says:

    What does it say about your audience??? 😉
    I am tending to no, because I feel we are being conned. It is a maky-up treaty, cobbled from other stuff, designed to rationalise the 27/29/3* members there are /will be. It is obvious that the present system is a mess, but it always was, the big guys make the running, we get in on their coat tails by adding a little of what we want, if they agree.
    My resolve to vote no was reinforced last night when I heard that the MEPs have voted to keep the Court Of Auditors report on their expenses fiddles secret.
    Bye, Barry

  9. caroline carter Says:

    Please please vote NO and save billions of Europeans from these unelected financial pariahs.
    Caroline Carter
    Civil Servant

  10. PolScience Says:

    Hello Everyone:)
    Those who wish to learn all the details – with actual quotes from the text – and the legal implications of the Lisbon Treaty, please visit the National Platform’s new site:
    “Lisbon Treaty Irish Referendum Blog – National Platform”
    Also see:
    “The Lisbon Treaty blog – Lisbon Treaty explained by political science”

  11. Maeve Says:

    Haven’t we been asked this question before? I was a vehement yes voter to all things EU until now. I feel that we are selling out too quickly to something we know little or nothing about. (Yes I have read up on the treaty and past treaties). Our fabulous politicians have already cost us our fishing industry and a promise to veto in favour of our farmers is just that – a promise. I am aware that we have benefited from Europe in the past but we have very little to gain by voting in favour of losing more power now. Will we vote yes eventually? Probably – but let’s make it worth our while and drag it out a bit. I’ve been appalled at how our current government have been as vague as possible until the past month about the treaty. There were little or no party lines and people avoided talking about it as they were worried about the amount of detail and facts. Well don’t expect a yes from the voters if you can’t even talk about it openly yourselves. Also the fact that many politicians are not highly opinionated on this matter speaks a lot about their ability as politicians. I’m disgusted at the way this has been sold (or not) to the public. Seeing the no vote sneered at and swept under the carpet only adds suspicion. You have to ask yourself – would you run a business this way and trust your CEO with blind faith and nothing to back it up? We are being asked by a government that managed to make a lot of bad decisions in a time of prosperity to trust them again going into a credit crunch. Hah! The government obviously thought that the public would trust them and follow like sheep and not ask any hard questions. I hate to disappoint but for the moment it’s a big fat no from me and I’m not alone.

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