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Conor Wade has moved over to San Francisco to be the eyes and ears of Co. Clare based startup Tourist Republic. I’m very jealous of Conor – what a wonderful opportunity Jan Blanchard has given him, one he’ll make the very best of I know. I’m really looking forward to keeping up with his adventure on his new blog – Bosco is my Hero – and hope he’ll also bring us up to speed at the odd Limerick OpenCoffee during his trips home.

Liam Noonan is thinking of generating some of his own electricity with a wind turbine at his home in Upperchurch, Co. Tipperary. Luckily for those of us thinking of doing likewise he’s documenting the process. Step 1 was to put a wireless weather station in place.

– There’s now a mobile version of Just Routes.

– And if you lose your mobile here’s one way you might be able to get it back.

OpenCoffeeClub BBQ has been set for July 16th – everybody’s welcome! And OpenCoffeeClub Waterford is going to be held at the same time as OpenCoffeeClub Limerick next Thursday 1st of May to facilitate a simulcast between the two venues.


One Response to “Bytes ‘n pieces”

  1. Conor Wade Says:

    I will definitely be dropping by Open Coffee when I’m back. Hopefully I will be able to pass along some of the great things I am learning over here.

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