Resitance is futile – Google Reader to assimilate Blogger

Google Reader shared items upgradeImage by VoIPman via Flickr

In early 2007 I asked"What sense does it make that I have to open my Performancing plug-in to blog, visit a blogger’s web page to comment and invoke a pop-up to take a note? None! I should be able to perform each annotation from within my aggregator – a single unified interface to the Live Web. And I’m betting that’s exactly what Google ReWriter will become."

In fact Robin Blandford and I have been having a conversation about the mythical "Google ReWriter" for quite a while now so when he brought my attention this morning to the announcement of new Google Reader’s new Share with note features I have to admit I got geekily excited.

This upgrade essentially turn Google Reader into a very basic blogging tool and it’s now encroaching on Blogger territory. Here’s my Google Reader blog, with a new header style, webpage excerpt plus comment, shared feed item plus comment, standalone comment (post) and reblogged items.  Formatting options are non existent but make no mistake about it, Google Reader is moving closer and closer towards being an integrated web annotation suite and will eventually assimilate Blogger.


One Response to “Resitance is futile – Google Reader to assimilate Blogger”

  1. Robin Blandford Says:

    Yes – it has to be done.
    A ‘Write New Post’ button in Google Reader.
    When you go ‘add link’ to your post you should be able to search and link to posts you’ve subscribed to (or from your web history).

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