Irish startups, YL Ventures wants to video conference with you

Yoav Andrew Leitersdorf is a venture capitalist with YL Ventures, "a mid-market venture capital fund that invests in European Internet, telecommunications and media software companies, accelerates their development via active business development, and arranges their medium-size (not home run) acquisitions within 6-24 months, mainly to US-based corporations."

TechCrunch UK & Ireland went into more detail on the YL strategy and Tom Raftery reported that he met with Yoav in Berlin last year.

Yoav has been Founder and CEO of multiple start-ups for which he arranged successful medium-size exits. And now he wants to make contact with Irish startups and get better visibility for his fund among local companies that may be suitable for their investment criteria. This is part of a wider initiative at YL Ventures to expand the geographical footprint of their deal flow.

As Yoav can’t travel to Ireland at the moment I’m organizing a meet & greet with him over video conference. So hands up who wants to be included – it’s first come first served.

DISCLOSURE: Yoav’s original message indicated that they were looking for local representatives for whom a ‘success fee’ would be involved where YL invested. But I’m not interested in that (and would waive it) – this is only about introducing people to each other.

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