Don’t miss out on CrunchLudd

Remember, TechCrunch is coming to TechLudd on the 26th of June in Dublin.

The event is on upstairs in 4 Dame Lane. Mike Butcher of TechCrunch UK and Ireland will be there and he wants to talk to Irish startups and get a feel for the ecosystem here. So it’s a great opportunity for some Irish companies to get exposure in one of the best read tech blogs around.

Event details here. And registration is now being powered by Amiando. If you have some cool technology to show off then go here to register to demo (It’s free).

They’re also looking for sponsors so if you’re interested in guaranteeing promotion on both the main TechCrunch site as well as the TechCrunch UK and Ireland site just give them a shout.


One Response to “Don’t miss out on CrunchLudd”

  1. Greg Watkins Says:

    This TechCrunch event in Dublin will be a great evening, however, if you would like something to do in the day, there is a Silicon Ireland event taking place at the City North Hotel, Dublin on the 26th June – Running 9am ish to just after 4pm, so plenty of time to head to the evening Techcrunch, TechLudd event. A great day all round for Ireland’s tech entrepreneurs.

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