Irish ‘Dragons Den’ for July’s OpenCoffeeClub BBQ – enter now!

Only three weeks to go until the Open Coffee Club BBQ and organizer Evert Bopp has been busy.  There are now over 70 confirmed sign-ups, 9 confirmed sponsors and 11 proposed talks for what should be a fantastic day.

What’s more is the BBQ will stage a special version of the infamous"Dragons Den" competition. There will be an option for start-ups and people with a business idea to give a 5 minute pitch to a panel of experienced entrepreneurs. Based on this pitch the panel will give away prizes that will help the winners in getting their idea/business/venture of the ground. Prizes so far include serviced office space (thanks to Shannon Development), 1 years free webhosting on a dedicated blade-server (thanks to Hosting 365), Business software (Microsoft), and laptops (thanks to LEAP). The organizers are also in discussion about the possibility of broadcasting this event on Television!!

What’s needed now is entries for this competition. There are only a few criteria – your venture cannot be older than 1 year, it cannot have more than 3 employees and it has to be based in Ireland. If you think you qualify and would like to enter send a description of yourself and your venture (no more than one page) to:

By the way, if you know a company who would like to sponsor this part of the Open Coffee Club BBQ by donating services or products that would be of use to a start-up venture, please contact the above email for more details.

Kudos to the list of sponsors so far – Spicendipity, Mac-Sys, Digino, Pixelapes and The Derg Inn.

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