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Tuesday Push –

July 29, 2008

The subject of today’s Tuesday Push is – an online photo hosting and sharing site.

With a domain name like that it’s obviously an Irish one and it’s the Irish community which has formed around that gives it a special flavour among the crowd of photo sharing services. You want to browse photos from the Irish Blog Awards or the latest barcamp? is the place to go.

Nifty features include preview fanout, which allows you to peek into albums without opening them, and terrific support for media RSS which means my favourite Firefox plugin – Piclens – works perfectly and makes browsing photo an even greater pleasure.

I’d write more except I’m half way through a screencast for which will be featured next week on

Shove Tuesday screencast – 1Time time tracking

July 15, 2008

This week’s choice for the Tuesday Push was very appropriate for me – I’ve recently started doing client work again and have been, up to now, keeping track of my time on a Google Docs Spreadsheet and using it to generate invoices. You know, the ‘good enough, sure it’ll do’ attitude. But really, it won’t do, not for me nor for my clients. And I need something better for the job.

Enter 1Time, a web-based expense and time tracking application. Unlike many web-based applications these days 1Time provides a great range of price plans, 7 in all – something to suit anybody’s needs. As a single user I can even sign up to a free version.

One new feature I really appreciate is the ability to give my client access to an External Client View so they can see how much time I’ve put into the project in real time or send it at the end of the
project with an invoice.

Here a quick peek 1Time screencast – keep an eye on for a more in-depth look later.

LouderVoice screencast

July 12, 2008

My latest screencast, featuring reviews service LouderVoice, has now been published to

Google Lively – did virtual worlds just become mainstream?

July 8, 2008
Second Life

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So I was wrong when I predicted, at the end of 2006, that Google would buy Second Life…. instead they’ve gone and created their own 3D virtual space called Lively.

As Mike Arrington says, this isn’t yet a competitor to Second Life but it’s not hard to imagine it passing the pioneering virtual world out within a few years. Now who’s going to buy Second Life? IBM?

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Typepad security flaw – should I change blogging platform?

July 5, 2008

Keith Bohanna is as far from a rant blogger as you’ll find so when he lashes out at a company for ignoring a security flaw in one of their products for a year, particularly when that product is the blogging plaform you use yourself, you sit up and take notice –

"In May 2007 I noticed that despite the password protection on my personal blog the photographs that were contained within it were not protected – for some reason they must have been held in a separate and unsecured folder within the Typepad system."

I’ve been using a private Typepad blog as a family album too and never realized this. So I too am deeply dissatisfied that a year after Keith submitted his bug ticket "a change to correct this security issue has not been included in the
significant changes to the Typepad platform which are currently being
rolled out."
Not good enough Six Apart, not good enough.

Now screencasting on

July 4, 2008

I’m delighted to have joined Conn O’Muineachain and team at, where I’ll be publishing screencast walkthroughs of online applications in action.

" is a global network of video blogs covering the web 2.0 and technology ecosystem. Our main objective is to take you to the major conferences and events around the world, interview entrepreneurs and investors, visit exciting startups and give you a first look at the hottest technology."

My first screencast is for Pixenate, an online photo editor developed by Cork based Sxoop Technologies. Suggestions for future features gratefully received.

And a special word of thanks to Mike Kiely of Tipperary Institute for his video wizardy and general help in getting the first screencast out the door.

Meet the Venture Capitalist, monthly, from your own office/home

July 3, 2008
Photo of a modern videoconferencing system

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I’m delighted to see that Joe Garde went ahead with the video conference with Yoav Andrew Leitersdorf from YL Ventures, and that they’ve agreed to make it a monthly conference! –

"The venture capital business together with those that want to learn from and pitch to venture capitalists usually requires you to travel somewhere.  So we intend on making meeting the venture capitalist an informal LIVE meet up for anyone in business innovation, start-up, entrepreneurship, leadership and of course  the academic community. All are welcome to attend."

Check out the recorded video where Yoav says future video conferences will act as an open forum for discussion on whatever entrepreneurs would like to speak about, including tips on what investors are looking for from startups,
tips on pitching to VCs and other kinds of investors, and
advice on making your company more successful.

Remember, it’s just conversation – what can it hurt?

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When push comes to shove

July 1, 2008

Damien Mulley and some "folks in the Web/Tech scene in Ireland" have come up with an interesting idea –

The Tuesday Push is a way for the small but growing tech community in Ireland to make some noise about ourselves by picking a good example of an Irish Tech Company and highlighting their product(s) every second Tuesday.

First up is PutPlace, who I’ve written about on numerous occasions but who’ve recently lauched a public beta. So if you haven’t already tried it out try it now! It’s a great way to "secure, organize and share your digital life".

The Tuesday Push is a great idea, I just hope I can stop myself calling it Shove Tuesday 😉