Now screencasting on

I’m delighted to have joined Conn O’Muineachain and team at, where I’ll be publishing screencast walkthroughs of online applications in action.

" is a global network of video blogs covering the web 2.0 and technology ecosystem. Our main objective is to take you to the major conferences and events around the world, interview entrepreneurs and investors, visit exciting startups and give you a first look at the hottest technology."

My first screencast is for Pixenate, an online photo editor developed by Cork based Sxoop Technologies. Suggestions for future features gratefully received.

And a special word of thanks to Mike Kiely of Tipperary Institute for his video wizardy and general help in getting the first screencast out the door.

4 Responses to “Now screencasting on”

  1. keith bohanna Says:

    great to see this James – look forward to seeing your work

  2. James Corbett Says:

    Cheers Keith. Lots of improving to be done but I’m really enjoying this stuff.

  3. Patrick Liddy Says:

    Great to hear, Fair play

  4. James Corbett Says:

    Thanks Patrick…. hey, we must catch up at an OpenCoffee!

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