Tuesday Push – Pix.ie

The subject of today’s Tuesday Push is Pix.ie – an online photo hosting and sharing site.

With a domain name like that it’s obviously an Irish one and it’s the Irish community which has formed around Pix.ie that gives it a special flavour among the crowd of photo sharing services. You want to browse photos from the Irish Blog Awards or the latest barcamp? Pix.ie is the place to go.

Nifty features include preview fanout, which allows you to peek into albums without opening them, and terrific support for media RSS which means my favourite Firefox plugin – Piclens – works perfectly and makes browsing Pix.ie photo an even greater pleasure.

I’d write more except I’m half way through a screencast for Pix.ie which will be featured next week on Intruders.tv.

One Response to “Tuesday Push – Pix.ie”

  1. Marcus Mac Innes Says:

    Intruders – sounds cool! – Thanks for the push!

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