CoffeeCooler re-opens

Two months ago I started setting up daily Skypecasts for informal chat among independent remote workers (and other interested parties). I labelled it CoffeeCooler because I saw it as stay-at-home extension of Open CoffeeClub, a kind of virtual watercooler for entrepreneurs. While it was well received by a small number of people the Skypecast platform proved too flaky for daily use and so it didn’t last long.

I’m delighted to announce that Joe Garde of OnlineMeetingRooms has stepped in to fill the void and hosted his first CoffeeCooler which was quite well attended. So keep an eye on Joe’s Twitter account and remember it’s free to attend. Thanks Joe.

3 Responses to “CoffeeCooler re-opens”

  1. Gordon Says:

    Hi James,
    Might it be useful to link up the Open Coffee Cooler with the Tuesday Push? It might be handy to have the person behind an app available to chat on the day of a Tuesday push for their app.

  2. Joe Says:

    Great Idea Gordon

  3. James Corbett Says:

    I think that’s a terrific idea Gordon – I remember trying to coax people who were ‘in the spotlight’ to join the room from time to time (eg. Evert Bopp when he was doing the radio interviews), so that they could field some questions from interested parties.

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