Vibemetrix lets you manage the social media conversation

Dan Bricklin

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Dan Bricklin, fellow board member at Grazr (I just love saying that), breaks the news that we’ve has launched a new product – Vibemetrix.

"The short pitch: Vibemetrix lets you manage the social media conversation. Among other things, it monitors blogs and RSS feeds and continually updates a list of items that match keywords that you set. It then helps you keep track of comments you post, notes you make to yourself, and more, to help you better participate in conversations around your company, brand, product, commercial niche, or whatever you care about."

The first review comes from Agency3 and it’s largely positive (though not keen on the price) –

"VibeMetrix also allows you to track notes related to the conversations you are monitoring online and it allows you to create and track “follow up” actions. This is great is you are tracking a large number of online conversations."

Grazr CEO Adam Green says, "Our goal is to move beyond simple blog monitoring, and help people manage social media marketing by initiating and maintaining conversations with key influencers. This takes a lot of record keeping, and VibeMetrix is designed to automate this process."

Irish media and PR guru Damien Mulley has written a few detailed posts on how to track what people are saying about your company online and I think Vibemetrix fits nicely into the higher end (and expense) of that slot.

By the way, while I knew Adam and Mike were cooking up something interesting I’ve had zero input on this offshoot of Grazr myself but am very excited about it. Well done guys!


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