Contrast ulations! (on a coworking success story)

Congratulations to Team Contrast on the launch of a Dublin based web development "company that’s a direct product of the modern Irish web scene." It’s been great to follow the genesis of this idea from it’s roots in the coworking scene.

Unlike many on the Irish web scene (e.g. me) these guys aren’t just talkers, they’re doers. In many ways typified by the response team member Paul Campbell gave to Evert Bopp when he posted about his ideas for starting a coworking center in Tipperary. Just do it!

Indeed Paul refers to his nine months working out of Ireland’s first coworking center as "some of the most productive, inspiring months of my life." And goes on, "If you’re a freelancer, home worker or teleworker and working from home is leading to the kind of drag where you’re just not getting out enough, or you feel that your creativity could do with some company, I urge you, I plea with you: set up or join a coworking space. Do it for yourself, do it for Dublin, do it for the community."

4 Responses to “Contrast ulations! (on a coworking success story)”

  1. Evert Bopp Says:

    Are you saying I’m just a talker?!

  2. James Corbett Says:

    No, I’m saying *I’m* just a talker! 🙂

  3. Eoghan McCabe Says:

    Thanks, James. 🙂

  4. Inside View from Ireland Says:

    Coworking Imperatives

    I HAD TO LEAVE DUBLIN before checking into Team Contrast and their centre city premises. James Corbett points to the Dublin-based web development as “a direct product of the modern Irish web scene.” Corbett followed the genesis of the idea from its roo…

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