Filing with the Small Claims Court for a Windows refund from Dell

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Gotta love it – after exhausting other avenues David O’Callaghan filed with the Small Claims Court to finally get a refund of €154.28 from Dell – the price he paid for the Microsoft Windows and Works software he didn’t want on his XPS M1330. That’s very handy to know because I’m due an upgrade myself and, like David, have been thinking of going the Ubuntu route too. [via the IIU List]

And staying on matters legal, what about this for another load of bollox from the Telecoms Poodle.

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3 Responses to “Filing with the Small Claims Court for a Windows refund from Dell”

  1. Brian O'Donovan Says:

    I use Ubuntu on my current machine and love it (although I can’t claim a refund because I used Windows for a few years before seeing the light).
    Now that I am due a hardware refresh, I am convinced that I need Ubuntu on my new machine. I have heard many times that Dell sell laptops with UBUNTU pre-installed on them, but I can’t see any reference to them on
    Do you know hoe to specify that you want Ubuntu pre-installed on your Dell machine (and hopefully get the money deducted from the invoice instead of having to claim back from the small claims court)?

  2. Gavin Says:

    And with the money he hoped to get back maybe get something extra for the computer… external HD perhaps? 🙂

  3. James Corbett Says:

    @Brian, sorry, I don’t know. @Gavin, yeah, hopefully 🙂

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