Dell Ireland charges €30 Paddy Tax on new Inspiron Mini

When O2 Ireland launched their iPhone package earlier this year telecomms analyst Pat Phelan blasted is as an outrageous "Paddy Tax"

“There is no excuse for paying such high prices and getting so little in return. The minutes, the text bundles and the data package are completely inappropriate for Irish people and the massive difference in what Irish and UK and Northern people get for the same price suggests that they’ll throw any old scraps at the stupid Paddys…. It’s time for us Irish to tell O2 we’re not going to accept this. We have Apple’s European HQ here in Ireland, the iPhone itself is fantastic but there’s no way we should buy this phone until O2 cops on and looks after their very loyal customers here.”

Likewise Dell’s European manufacturing HQ is in Ireland. So it naturally follows that they must impose a Paddy Tax on their loyal customers here (like me). What other explanation is their for the fact that their brand new netbook – the Inspiron Mini 9 – has a base price of £299 (=€369) in the UK and €369 in Germany but €399 in Ireland.

To be honest I thought €399 was a reasonable price for a well specified, Atom powered XP netbook when I first read the press release. But now that I see the price is inclusive of Paddy Tax I feel cheated.

5 Responses to “Dell Ireland charges €30 Paddy Tax on new Inspiron Mini”

  1. Gerry Hanratty Says:

    I wonder how much the WEEE is on that? they probably have it built in. Other countries don’t pay that. Still annoying tho!

  2. Tom Gleeson Says:

    I think you’re being a bit unfair to Dell on this occasion.
    The German price doesn’t include shipping when you add in the $29 Gesamtlieferkosten, the German price is €1 cheaper.
    The UK price is indeed cheaper as they appear to be trying to keep to the £299 price point despite the fall in Sterling. Both Irish and UK consumers are obviously seen as “price point sensitive” (note: Irish 399 price). UK also has 17% VAT rate (Germany 19%) compared to our 21%.

  3. Walter Higgins Says:

    …or you could nip down to your local aldi this sunday and pick up one of these …
    I must admit I’m sorely tempted.

  4. James Corbett Says:

    @Gerry and @Tom fair points. @Walter when your “local aldi” is 30km away petrol costs have to be taken into account!

  5. Margaret | Says:

    The US prices are even better…

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