Seedcamp Irish rep, Netbooks, SMS reviews, ICT Showcase, Educasts

Robin Blandford’s startup Decisions for Heroes has made the Seedcamp final. Nice to have an Irish representative.

I’m noticing more and more interest in netbooks like EeePCs, Medions, etc. I borrowed my nephew’s EeePC when travelling to Maynooth last week and
found it an ideal companion for checking email, browsing and feed
reading on the road. As soon as the Ubuntu version of Dell’s new
Inspiron Mini is launched here I’m putting in my order.

LouderVoice has launched Simple SMS Reviews. I think this is a great idea because, regardless how straight forward the previous format was, it was still a nuisance to remember it.

Enterprise Ireland are hosting a free ICT Showcase event on Monday 6th October in the Radisson Hotel, Golden Lane, Dublin 2 from 8am to 1pm

"Why attend?
The showcase features more than 40 ICT innovations aimed at diverse ICT application areas all of which are ready to be commercialised by you and/or your company. For more specific detail please see the website below. This showcase will provide an opportunity for you to mingle with Ireland’s best ICT researchers and innovators and you can set up a “one to one” meeting with any of them to discuss how their technology can help you to achieve your business objectives."

Educast is back.


2 Responses to “Seedcamp Irish rep, Netbooks, SMS reviews, ICT Showcase, Educasts”

  1. Conor O'Neill Says:

    Thanks for the mention James. We’ll be adding the Simple approach to Twitter and Jaiku this week too.
    Oh, and check out the Qik video of 2xEeePC and 1xMedion at Friday’s Cork OpenCoffee:
    Even tho I don’t _need_ one, I’m completely convinced after seeing them in action.

  2. James Corbett Says:

    Great Qik Conor, I’d seen it and meant to link to it. I don’t personally *need* a netbook either but see them as ideal clients for a project I’m working on and therefore have to test out as many models as I can get my hands on. I was ready to drop into PC World for an Acer Aspire One but JKOnTheRun[1] saved my ass by poin.ting out it was very poor at Skype video due to the .3 mp camera. So it’s the 1.3 mp camera touting Dell Mini for me. 🙂

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