The Skypebook has arrived

As part of my Asus EeePC week series of posts in March I suggested that Skype should team up with Asus to offer a low cost videophone, which I playfully labelled the Skypebook

"I think a Skype branded (and configured) EeePC (or other Netbook) would make an ideal low end teleconferencing device. There was a lot of talk about Creative’s InPerson after the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) recently but that costs a whopping USD$700 and requires a $10 per month subscription fee to the web service!! Now why in the hell would anyone pay that if they could get a whole lot more capable Skype Netbook, let’s call it the Skypebook, for half the price and no ongoing fee?"

Today Engadget reports that my dream partnership has come to fruition (while also taking similar swipe at Creative’s InPerson) –

"Following in the dubious footsteps of Creative, ASUS just announced a dedicated videophone all its own. The AiGuru SV1 followup to the voice-only S1,
enables virtually unlimited video calls without a computer — a world’s first to get a big thumbs-up from Skype. The SV1 packs an 800 x 600 pixel 7-inch LCD, integrated speaker and mic (or jacks for your own), a
VGA-quality webcam, and connects to the Internets over 802.11b/g WiFi
or Ethernet."

This is of huge significance to my Vizitant project.


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