[Tuesday Push]

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I sometimes wonder if I’m a little abnormal when it comes to music. Not in terms of my tastes, but rather my utter indifference to the music scene as a whole. It’s not that I’m tone deaf, in fact I used to play accordian and guitar when I was younger. It’s not that I’ve no appreciation for a good tune – I do like nearly every track in my small and neat CD collection. But therein lies the rub – I’m largely a music liker, not a music lover.

You see I’ve never been a radio listener, a CD swapper, or an earbud dangler. Not to mention a raver, rocker,  grunger or goth. I’ve zero interest in rock-star gossip, fashion or the club scene and I’ve never read Rolling Stone, NME or Hot Press!

In short, it’s not easy for any new music to get my attention. In fact unless it’s on the web it’s got almost zero chance. So more and more my interest is being piqued by YouTube videos posted by bloggers with a good (compatible) taste in music. Ina O’Murchu regularly posts great tunes and the Limerck Blogger recently gave me cause to reasses my initial critique of Black Daisy. Hearing them belt out Disturbing New Fashion I suddenly, and alarmingly, felt the urge to hear more!

Which meant there was only once place to turn – What I love about is that you don’t need no credit card to ride in this train buy tracks – instead you simply pay with your mobile phone by texting the word ‘music’, followed by a space, and the track ID. Then they send you login details which will allow you to download the track. Texts cost ā‚¬1.

Admittedly I did experience a problem when initially trying to download Disturbing New Fashion – the file was only a few kilobytes in size and unplayable. So I emailed support and was quickly informed of the reason – the artists themselves are responsible for uploading the file that users
purchase. instructs them to use the MP3 format, but some don’t. Support copied Black Daisy on this email and thankfully they’d posted a proper MP3 within hours.

This was a minor glitch in an otherwise seamless experience and it certainly won’t put me off buying there again. That’s because it’s so hard to beat the convenience of mobile text purchase and open (non-DRM’d) MP3s.

So if you’ve got some space to fill on that iPod I can thoroughly recommend For music likers and lovers alike.

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2 Responses to “ [Tuesday Push]”

  1. Niall Larkin Says:

    Brilliant. That’s the post i’d like to think i’d have written if I was able šŸ™‚

  2. James Corbett Says:

    You mean you’re *another* freak of nature?!? šŸ˜‰

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