SINful meetup (Social entrepreneurs Informal Network)

Temple BarImage via WikipediaSIN is

  • Social entrepreneurs Informal Network … with the emphasis on the social
  • a regular meeting (third friday of every month) in Dublin city centre
  • having its first meeting in a pub on Sycamore St, Temple Bar which is called Sin.
  • open to anyone and everyone
  • Dublin-centric – apologies to our country cousins (perhaps you’d like to start a franchise?)

SIN is not

  • exclusive – send this invite around to whoever you think might be interested.
  • endorsed by any particular organisation or person

There’s about 50 people on this inauguration list, and from what i
gather there’s enough interest to make the first one a real success. For more information contact dave @

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3 Responses to “SINful meetup (Social entrepreneurs Informal Network)”

  1. Darragh Says:

    Brilliant, thanks for this . Will definitely check it out.

  2. Robert Says:

    I am quite interested in this, could you add me to your mail list?

  3. Leon Quinn Says:

    Sounds cool, will try it out in Lovely Leitrim! Reminds me of the online dating site meetings we use to have in Dublin when I lived in the kip!

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