App School, EnviroCentre, Matrix, Digital Grants, etc

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– The Contrast team have come up with another brilliant idea in App School 2008"This month, Contrast are taking one lucky idea to App
School. We’ll pick an idea submitted by an Irish startup, charity, non-profit or individual and teach it how to be a fully-grown app. We’ll build it in one week and we’ll show everyone how we do it. And, we’ll cover 95% of the cost."
If I had the 5% in spare change right now I’d definitely submit an idea myself.

– Enterprise Ireland have launched EnviroCentre – an environmental information portal for small and medium sized entreprise.

Matrix is not a Keanu Reeves movie, it’s the codename for a "progressive action plan which has been put together with the aim of propelling Northern Ireland into the position of being one of the world’s most successful high-tech economies. The plan’s recommendations are the result of the largest collaborative work of high-tech industry leaders and academic experts ever assembled in Northern Ireland."

Web2Ireland thinks there are surely Irish startups who should apply to a "US-based foundation giving away $5 million a year for grants in digital, open-source innovation."

– In case you haven’t already heard, there’s an Irish Dragon’s Den on the way to RTE. Already I’m seeing a number of Irish startups talking about applying.

– The IT@Cork Annual Conference is scheduled for the 26th November and has another interesting line-up, including man-of-the-moment George Lee.

– Gordon from eWrite is thinking of putting together a mailing list of Graphic Designers in Ireland. Nice idea.

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2 Responses to “App School, EnviroCentre, Matrix, Digital Grants, etc”

  1. Gordon Says:

    Hi James,
    Thanks for mentioning the graphic designers list. 4 very different and talented designers onboard already. They have very different abilities which is great for customers.

  2. Eoghan McCabe Says:

    Thanks for the mention, James.

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