App School – it’s like a reality development show

James Kennedy was the lucky (and deserving) winner of the App School pitch with his idea for –

"In a nutshell, James’ application is a productivity tool that
facilitates a technique taught by business coach Darryl O’ Dee to
hundreds of entrepreneurs around Ireland. We’ll talk more about the
tool itself on Monday. James didn’t think we’d go for it, but we really
liked the idea"

So starting this morning the Contrast team are heads down for the next 5 days developing James’ apppication and you can follow updates on their blog and twitter. And if we’re lucky by QIK or Ustream live video.

What an incredible two weeks for the lads at Contrast – 56 entries for Appschool and thousands of sign-ups for Qwitter.


2 Responses to “App School – it’s like a reality development show”

  1. Paul Campbell Says:

    Thanks for the link and write up James. I took some video of this morning’s session, so hopefully I’ll get that together at some stage. Not sure about live coverage, as it’s pretty much race to the finish line at the moment!

  2. James Corbett Says:

    No problem, whatever you can do Paul. I know you’re up to your eyes but I think what your team is doing is just really cool and innovative. Keep up the great work.

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