FineTuna-ing Pixenate & giving George Hook a Louder Voice!?

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Alan’s FineTuna got a really nice mention on TechCrunch UK & Ireland"Now there are as many image sharing services on the web as there are
fish in the sea. But FinaTuna is one I could actually see myself using.
It’s simple, intuitive and an absolute delight to use."

– Walter has announced Pixenate-on-Demand, "a low-cost and convenient way for web publishers to provide image-editing right from within their own websites." I did a screencast of Pixenate for a while back.

– You too can have a LouderVoice than George Hook!! Conor was on the big man’s Newstalk radio show and offered listeners the chance to "win awesome Three Ireland mobiles and Klipsch headphones with LouderVoice SMS gadget reviews. Info on our site"

– Matt has ‘a quick startup formula‘ for students in Interactive Media and Software Engineering – "take your software engineers (and maybe some of the iMedia students)
and get them to create their own company. They can apply for funding
like anyone else, they can work together on projects and they can get a
taste of what it’s like to run a business. Add a
funder/mentor/visionary who can help them get started and you’ve got a
formula for churning out new startups."

– Joe Drumgoole has a scary post on the crisis in (Irish) Venture Capital.

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One Response to “FineTuna-ing Pixenate & giving George Hook a Louder Voice!?”

  1. Walter Says:

    Hi James,
    Thanks for the mention. Always appreciated.

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