Nooked turns Ryanair ‘advertising’ into ‘information’. Dave Winer beams.

Dave WinerImage via WikipediaDave Winer's views on the future of advertising have long caused controversy and sometimes seemed a little too extreme even to me but there's no doubt he's been on the vanguard of a radical rethink as regards interruptive commercial messaging –

"… advertising is on its way to being obsolete. Facebook is just another
step along the path. Advertising will get more and more targeted until
it disappears, because perfectly targeted advertising is just
information. And that's good!…. If it's perfectly targeted, it isn't advertising, it's information"

I didn't really comprehend that until I started following @Ryanair_SNN on Twitter a few weeks ago – a steady stream of offers from the leading European airline via Nooked – the Sligo, Ireland based 'feedcommerce' startup.

There are corresponding Twitter feeds for dozens of other airports which means you can zero in on the offers that are of interest to you. With this much control the lines between advertising and information have completely blurred. All that's needed now is a tiny extra step, whereby I can follow @Ryanair_SNN_BVA, etc, and then advertising truly is information.

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4 Responses to “Nooked turns Ryanair ‘advertising’ into ‘information’. Dave Winer beams.”

  1. Ciaran Says:

    Spot on James was thinking just the same thing, especially the @Ryanair_SNN_BVA thing, I unfollowed some of Nooked’s bots as there was too much irrelevant info.
    One of the the things we are hoping to enable via is to allow people to build applications/sites that give great information but they can still seamlessly monetise them through affiliate marketing.

  2. MX Says:

    That’s a great example how web 2.0 should be used for advertising.

  3. Michael O'Dreary Says:

    It fascinating how low they’ll go. You wouldn’t catch me doing that.

  4. smily Says:

    good morning,
    This is a great site to it fascinating how low they’ll go. You wouldn’t catch me doing that. flights to Melbourne

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