Innovative Irish fashion portal very much in Vogue

Catwalk (TV series)Image via WikipediaI was reading about the Innovation Avalanche on the ever excellent Trendwatching a few days ago when I came across one particular entry which sparked my curiosity. Irish fashion portal Catwalk Genius was highlighted under a section entitled 'Crowd Express', a trend tracking "everything funded, organized, sourced, managed and powered by crowds."

"Irish fashion portal Catwalk Genius has joined the crowdfunded fashion fray with its new Adopt a Designer
program, featuring fashion and accessories from independent designers.
Through Adopt a Designer, supporters of a participating designer can
buy shares (or "elements", as it calls them) in their work for EUR
14—plus a EUR 1 processing fee—in the hope of sharing in future
profits. Once 5,000 such elements have been sold, the designer is given
the resulting EUR 70,000 to create a new collection within 6 months. In
the meantime, supporters receive a limited edition piece created
exclusively for them by the designer."

The venture got further flattering attention on Trendwatching's sister site Sprinwise (another mine of information for entrepreneurs). And today Catwalk Genius hit the online pages of Vogue.

Clearly an exciting busines model and dynamic young company to be watched.

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