Bytes ‘n Pieces

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  • Frank Fullard is one of the people behind a boot camp for 500 young entrepreneurs in Mayo and learned some very interesting things – “I
    learned that when you treat young adults as adults they will behave
    accordingly. I learned that our society is considerably more ethnically
    and culturally diverse than I had thought it to be. I learned that our young people are imaginative, creative, and entrepreneurial. Above all I learned that, despite all who say otherwise, our future is optimistic, bright, positive and progressive.
    The Z generation, or the We generation, call them what you want, have
    the where-with-all to take us out of the mess we have created for them.”
  • Limerick-headquartered WorldTV is a “next-generation
    online video service that lets users create full-screen, TV-like
    channels online”
    . And now it’s developed “a
    new advertising programme that will turn these users into future media
    , according to SiliconRepublic.
  • Loving the Irish sutainable living blog Greeme which covers entrepreneurial ideas like Freight*BUS“This innovative new design combines a
    passenger-carrying bus with that of freight haulage. It can be
    reconfigured in seconds by the conductor or driver to carry freight and
    passengers. Furthermore, passenger space & freight space can be
    easily adjusted to match demand.
    This flexibility is in part due to ceiling-suspended pairs of seats, which can be completely folded out of the way.”
  • Phoebe Bright in Cork has an interesting suggestion for bars and restaurants facing a downturn – “How
    about attracting a new market. People who eat on their own but don’t
    want to eat in a resteraunt on their own. Have a sitting every half
    hour and whoever wants to eat are put together on a table together.”
    I know nothing about the food business but I love to see people putting their thinking caps on instead of whinging about how the sky is falling.
  • And on that note Robin Blandford wrote another blog post that really resonated with me – “Imagine if… we had a mission as a country. A mission to be the first
    country in the world to do something incredible. Imagine if the Irish
    Government decided that a cheap way to start bringing winds of change,
    create new jobs, create new companies, create new markets, would be to
    undertake a world first mission we could all join in on. All talk
    about. All look forward to. All focus on.”
    I’m still processing this ‘call to arms’ and personally think it needs to percolate from the bottom up not the Government down. Perhaps an Irish X Prize of sorts. More on this later…
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2 Responses to “Bytes ‘n Pieces”

  1. jbkenn Says:

    FreightBus, An Post did it 10 years ago in Clare with PostBus, don’t know if it is still running.
    Imagine if, I up for that.

  2. James Corbett Says:

    PostBus!?! Never heard of it John, you must tell me more at the next meetup. Re ‘Imagine if’,… that’s another one we must brainstorm.

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