Developing a PR strategy

Julian Davis, founding Director of Fleishman Hillard,  gave a talk on Developing a PR Strategy at our last Social Entrepreneurs gathering in Dublin. I took the following notes –

  • PR is about more than media/press relations – it's much wider than that.
  • Ask yourself why are you doing it (a particular PR strategy) and do you need to do it?
  • You need to influence people
  • Who are all the people in your target audience? Press? Local authorities? VECs? Parents? Etc, etc. Identify them all
  • You should have a different message for different groups
  • Where is your target audience getting their information? Who is influencing them? And who is influencing the influencers, etc.
  • You might well be better off with one-to-one meetings!
  • Can you say succinctly and clearly what your project is about?
  • Shape your message to who is listening
  • Prioritize key people. What is your key message? What is your key ask/purpose?
  • Have a plan written out and figure out your key channels – e.g., Facebook, meetings, etc.
  • As regards dealing with the press – walk before you run. Start local. Identify people in local radio stations.
  • Understand the different flavours of media/shows – what is suitable material for them?
  • Ask the professionals, PR people, journalists.
  • Let the 'gatekeepers' know what's in it for them. Ask them for advice. Phone them on the right day of the week and time of day.
  • What organizations have mailshots going to your target audience. Can you 'piggyback'?
  • Be patient. And remember that even if you get TV exposure that might not produce the results you would imagine

I would be interesting to know how such advice will compare that on offer at Collision Course in Dublin on January 21st –

"The format will be a PR rep will give a five minute talk about what
PR is about and maybe give some Irish context and then we’ll have an
Irish blogger share their experiences of what blogging in Ireland is
about and then we’ll open the floor so anyone can pick the brains of
this combined group. The idea of this meetup (and perhaps it will become a regular thing)
is for those who interact so much online can share their experiences
with those people employed to try and connect with these digital
natives and give them what they want."

2 Responses to “Developing a PR strategy”

  1. Damien Mulley Says:

    There’s still a few places left if you want to come along. Also of note is Emily Tully’s recent presentation on OR for startups:

  2. Bernie Goldbach Says:

    I think there are several really worthwhile PR podcasts that continue the theme of taking steps towards effective PR. I like the themes that emerge from For Immediate Release (twice a week) and from, a group of voices from Canada.

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