Just a few predictions for 2009

Small list since I'm late to the party (been taking as much of a break as I can).

  • This will be a breakout year for Opensim, the 'Apache of Web 3.D' (yes oh cynics, the perennial breakout year for the 3D web finally happens). Look in particular for an announcement by Microsoft who have shown keen interest in the Second Life offshoot. Think 'Virtual Earth you can walk through'. Still smarting from their Lively fiasco Google will ignore these developments until 2010.ETOP_02
  • I know Pat Phelan is a telecomms guru but I'll stick my neck out and say he's wrong about Skype because they're in prime position to dominate the low end of the 'telepresence' market (otherwise known as video-conferencing) and are strongly hinting at significant developements early in 2009. Remember telepresence is Cisco fastest growing new product category and they're planning on bringning it to the home this year (though it'll be 2010 before the price is anything like consumer level)
  • Having said that, Skype Video will get some very interesting (though minor) competition later in the year from a Scandinavian startup developing a set-top box solution.
  • Asus kickstarted the netbook craze in 2008 and will do likewise for touchscreen PCs in the home in 2009. The Eee Top will be another category defining hit for the Taiwanese innovator.
  • Speaking of netbooks they'll continue to sell like…. er, netbooks, and become ever more useful with dual core CPUs and convertible touchscreens. There are even rumours that Apple is jumping into the fray with a large form iPod Touch.

One Response to “Just a few predictions for 2009”

  1. simon Says:

    Interesting list will have to work on one myself.

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