Tuesday Push: IGOpeople really is going places

Image representing IGOpeople as depicted in Cr...Image via CrunchBaseI have to admit I feared the worst for IGOpeople when it launched a few months ago. The Irish startup was jumping into a saturated market of social networking platforms. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Ning, Ammado, Bebo, etc, etc, ad nauseum… who can keep up nowadays. It's just a growing blur of me-too clones. How could this "network for the real world" stand out from the crowd apart from it's tagline?

I'm delighted to say though that my concerns have diminished as I observe accelerating uptake and activity. IGOpeople has, in effect, become an outboard motor for many of the conversations that start on Twitter and elsewhere. Want to discuss the OpenCoffee Kilkenny proposal? Take it to IGOpeople. Need to better organize the DellCamp project? Take it to IGOpeople.

And unlike Twitter, IGOpeople offers sensible conversation threading, 'liking' and discussion flow based around thge very apt metaphor of Indviduals, Groups and Organizations (IGO). The freeform flow of Twitter appeals to many, including me, but the fact that I'm noticing more and more 'strangers' participating on IGOpeople signals the appeal of more organized structure,… and some excellent marketing! Of particular note is the eager involvement of Organizations, such as Vodafone Ireland, FBD and Enterprise Ireland. Indeed Vodafone are currently running an inventive Topup Giveaway competition.

All in all you've got to hand it to the clever team of entrepreneurs behind IGOpeople – it really is GOing places.

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3 Responses to “Tuesday Push: IGOpeople really is going places”

  1. Patrick Lennon Says:

    Just signed up & I am very impressed.
    The sign in process was simple and quick.
    Search function is very good and I like the way that they have organised searches across Individuals, Groups & Organisations.
    Really like the very accessible feedback widget.
    Branding Excellent.
    Good luck to them.

  2. ronanob Says:

    Interesting, have to admit i hadn’t heard of IGOpeople before. Just signed up now to give it a try. Thanks mate.

  3. Campbell Scott Says:

    Thanks for the great review. Some really nice comments. And thanks also to the new users – let me know what you think about IGOpeople and if there is anything we can do to make it better.

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