You bring the coworking, we’ll bring the creche

It's been a while since I posted to but the subject has come to my attention again recently as I've been tracking the progress of Coworking Belfast and the coinciding efforts to establish a new style of startup incubator in Limerick.

Following a fresh trail of links yesterday I came across another fascinating hybrid – Cubes & Crayons marries the concept of coworking with the provision of childcare facilities, all under one roof. I think that's a brilliant twist on the concept and one that's ripe for execution in the Irish market, particularly in Dublin. For some reason, most of the startup entrepreneurs I know seem to have young children so a Cubes & Crayons clone could really hit the sweetspot for many of those.

For that reason I contacted the director of a childcare franchise, whom I've known for a while, and asked for his thoughts on the subject. Even though his business if focused on a specific market niche it's certainly a concept he's willing to explore with any entrepreneur bringing coworking expertise to the mix.

So, if anyone's interested in brainstorming the idea further please leave a comment below.

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