Call for applications – Social Entrepreneurs Ireland 2009

On Sunday I wrote a little about the fantastic year I've been having as a level 1 awardee of Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, and about the amazing people I've been meeting through the network. The organization has been supporting my project – Vizitant – since last June and the advice I've been given and contacts I've made have been nothing short of priceless.

And now it's your chance to join the network (and receive some funding) as the 2009 call for applications is now open and will remain so until March 20th. So, if you're a budding social entrepreneur put on that thinking hat and make your application here. This year there will be 20 Level 1 Awards and 8 Level 2 Awards. If you need any advice in the submission of your application drop a comment below and I'll try my best to help.

Disclosure: There's a bounty scheme in operation this year where I can earn €250 for a successful network referral, but I'd be promoting the hell out of the program regardless. So here's what I'll do with any referrals I might earn – I'll use them to buy video-calling terminals (probably the Asus AiGuru SV1) for deserving elderly clients of Vizitant.

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