EirePreneurZ: Guest post by Senior Care founders

During the course of doing some research for Vizitant recently I came across the Senior Care directory and connected with the founders through Twitter. It's been a long time since I ran an EirePreneurZ article and I thought it would be a good opportunity to learn more about their business model by asking Senior Care Marketing Manager Conor Ebbs to guest post here. Follows below —

"The inspiration for the development of
SeniorCare.ie was derived from personal family experience. Frustrated
by the lack of online information on support and care services available
to older people in Ireland, we began planning in the summer of 2006
and launched our website in April 2007. We have been growing strongly

Our original goal was to set up a comprehensive
directory of support services. Although that still remains our priority,
we have several new features in development which should encourage greater
interaction among our visitors and provide more essential information:

  • The SeniorCare Jobs Board
    is currently in development. It will be targeted to jobs in the area
    of senior care (Home Care, Nursing Homes etc.) in Ireland
  • The SeniorCare Discussion
    is also being developed. This will allow our visitors to interact,
    ask questions, find answers and connect with one another
  • Resource
    with a variety of pertinent information on Home Care Packages,
    Nursing Home Subvention and other relevant information regarding entitlements
    for older people


We provide relevant Articles, Events
and News Features to keep our visitors updated on developments in the
area of elderly care in Ireland. Our monthly E-Newsletter launched in
November 2008 and has been very well received. You can sign up for this
on our homepage.

Our marketing efforts are primarily focused
on Online Marketing. This includes Google Adwords campaigns, Search
Engine Optimisation and several other non-interruptive forms of advertising.
So far, this approach has paid off. We rank in the Top 10 on Google.ie
for all of our categories and receive between 2,500 and 3,000 highly
targeted visitors per month.

We are looking forward to our busiest
year yet in 2009. Feedback on our website is very important to us, so
please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The needs of older people in
Ireland are growing year on year, and we will grow with them.

Please visit us at www.seniorcare.ie. 

– Conor and Sheila, SeniorCare.ie Partners"

2 Responses to “EirePreneurZ: Guest post by Senior Care founders”

  1. Elderly Care Says:

    Hi Jecorbett, I think that discussion forum would be really great to have if you are providing services related to elderly care as it has been seen in most of the cases that elders or their relatives become active on discussion forums and this basically increases inter-activeness.

  2. Homecare Says:

    Hi Jecorbett,
    We show our activeness at place where we find some interesting and relevant with our interest and use. So, if you provide elderly care services then, it would be much better to discuss about your services on the discussion board or forums so that seniors and and relatives can become active and get the knowledge about services and benefits and can increase their activeness.

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