Bytes ‘n Pieces

– I missed the Tuesday Push this week but I've covered the precocious pixel prestidigitators of Pixenate before and no doubt will again as they continue to push out fun hacks like Twixenate and Twitter Mosaic - the cool new way of printing a photo montage of your Twitter clan on to mugs, t-shirts, mouse mats and other, you know, physical objects.

– Bizcamp Dublin is looking increasingly like being the biggest and best Barcamp yet (that is of course until Bizcamp Limerick comes along :-). Amazing line-up for the panel discussion on fundraising. And 161 people registered to attend.

– It looks like Twestival Dublin in aid of charity:water was a lot of fun.

Ireland's Silicon Valley plans 1,000 jobs in the next 5 years. But can Dublin/Ireland prove itselt to be a Digital Media Leader?

– It looks like the National Centre for Technology in Education aren't even aware of the large price drops in Interactive Whiteboards in recent years and so won't cover them in the latest €2.2 million scheme for primary schools.

– OpenCoffee is great but I think we should also have more speed networking events.

– Jason Roe is setting up a coworking office in Dublin city centre and may also provide a hotdesking space. Let him know if you're interested.

– Bernie Goldbach links to the Newshour segment on the economic situations in Ireland and Poland, part of which was filmed at OpenCoffee Limerick recently.

– Frank Fullard talks about home based business in Ireland and links to a corresponding survey.

– Congratulations to Pat Phelan and team at Cubic Telecom for winning the Cork Emerging Company of the Year award.

– Alan O'Rourke gives the elevator pitch on Toddle –

3 Responses to “Bytes ‘n Pieces”

  1. David Quaid Says:

    I think Limerick needs an evening based networking programme too. I’m approaching a few people to see if we can get it started, maybe doing the rounds in a different hotel and making it more inclusive. I’ve about 20 people interested, mostly non-tech.

  2. keith bohanna Says:

    Thanks for the bizcamp Dublin mention James – and if you can hold a better camp in Limerick that would be marvelous to see and give us something to aspire to next time 🙂

  3. Simon Lewis Says:

    To clarify the Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) issue with the NCTE, as I feel I was a little harsh in my post… the NCTE hasn’t recommended IWBs in their framework for pedogogical reasons. I don’t agree with these reasons but at least they had some sort of reason.

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