Q&A session with Dragon’s Den contestant at Limerick OpenCoffee this week

Tony Frattaroli is the Limerick based entrepreneur behind Sals Pizza who appeared on Dragon's Den last week to pitch his pizza franchise idea. He has agreed to participate in a short Q&A session at next Thursday's (5th March) OpenCoffee Club Limerick about his experiences on the show. Begins at 11am in the Absolute Hotel and is free to attend. Everyone is welcome. From the Dragon's Den webpage –

Product: Sals Pizza started trading
on July 4th 2008. They currently have over 200 customers and they trade
Wednesday through to Sunday. They have dedicated all their time and
money so far to the business. They bake and deliver fresh pizza to an
area with over 20,000 of a population. Their product is made entirely
from fresh ingredients using an old family recipe. The opportunity here
is that no one is currently doing what they do in County Limerick. They
have a great area to tap into and having only touched the surface over
the past few months.

More here.


3 Responses to “Q&A session with Dragon’s Den contestant at Limerick OpenCoffee this week”

  1. Anton Mannering Says:

    Oh bugger. OCC Limerick is on same day as FOWA Dublin. Shame really. Would have loved to meet Tony and hear about his experience.
    Another time maybe.
    Tell him I still disagree with him about U2’s new album though. šŸ™‚

  2. Evert Bopp Says:

    More info on this months Limerick Open Coffee Club here: http://opencoffeeclublimerick.com/open-coffee-club-meeting-march-5th-

  3. Keith Kennedy Says:

    A great idea. This is what LOCC is all about!

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