The evolution of Hotdesking, announcing Nomadesk

When Jason Roe (of Ryanair ruffling notoriety) invited me to co-author two years ago I eagerly accepted. Coworking, officially defined as a ‘cafe-like community/collaboration space for developers, writers and independents’
was a trend I’d been keeping an eye on for many months. The idea is
simply for freelancers to take a shared office, imbue it with cafe
culture and avail of the networking opportunities afforded.

But there are many definitions of and variations on coworking depending on who you ask. For instance, Jelly is ‘casual coworking’ where people are invited to work from a host home for a day. Jelly provides chairs and sofas, wireless internet, and interesting people to talk to, collaborate with, and bounce ideas off of.

So it’s clear that coworking is as much about collaboration as it is
about shared space among independents. Hotdesking by contrast has it’s
origins in the corporate environment where  a primary motivation was
cost reduction through space saving. Typically a a number of employees
operated a ‘timeshare’ on a single work station or desk space.

But hotdesking has evolved and broken free from the confines of the
company. Now it’s more about flexible temporary space for individuals.
And a number
of service providers in Ireland are experimenting with different
configuration ideas. The appeal to me is that coworking is overkill for
my purposes. I work fine out of my own home-office most of the time but
would really appreciate the opportunity to hot desk now and again,
especially when my work takes me on the road.

[ The above is an excerpt from a new blog by Keith Kennedy and myself called Nomadesk. Read the rest of the post here ]


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