Cowengate in a virtual gallery? €10,000 startup giveaway. Teleworking ideas.

– If I was Hadyn Shaughnessey I'd be all over this Cowengate (#picturegate) furore – what an excellent opportunity for some guerilla art in a virtual world art gallery! 😉

– The IQ Prize has launched. "We're giving €10,000 to help grow a good idea into a great business. No strings attached. Seriously". Well, what are you waiting for?

Bizcamp (Limerick) was excellent, great talks and terrific networking (photos). Well done to the team of organizers. Don't miss the next one.

– I was delighted to meet two Kerry based entrepreneurs in particular at Bizcamp. Aileen Hannan of Sort My Books who promises me they'll soon be offering the Form 11 course I was asking her for last year to help me do my own tax returns. And Vicky O'Connor of Cuile Virtual Administration services who gave me an insight into the kind of work which might be facilitated by a teleworking center. Speaking of which….

– Some really interesting suggestions are coming through on the Ideas Campaign website. Including one for state funded / subsdised Telecommute centers. On Nomadesk I argued that this idea shouldn't be limited to key transport and broadband hubs. Rather it should be brought to every parish in the country.

Walter Higgins of Pixenate is looking for work: "I'm a decent web/java/perl/php programmer looking for short term contract…. I can also create Facebook and twitter applications, wordpress and movabletype plugins." I used to work with Walter in Apple way back and he's a seriously nice guy, not to mention a brilliant programmer and innovator.

One Response to “Cowengate in a virtual gallery? €10,000 startup giveaway. Teleworking ideas.”

  1. John Says:

    Here’s a teleworking idea to save loads of taxpayers cash.
    All TD’s to use Video conferencing from their box rooms.
    Scrap the Top of the range Mercs, then no need for drivers, scrap the overnight expenses etc.
    Move the Galway tent to the Phoneix Park for overnight accommodation, if required.

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